About Cylinder

About our Cylinder project and the team
About Cylinder, the Artificial Intelligence Platform for Real Estate Pros

Cylinder is Flexible

To simplify Cylinder, we split the entire platform into 6 different solutions.

We are building Cylinder will creativity and flexibility in mind to allow real estate professionals to choose whichever solution that fits their needs. However, to gain access to all of the benefits Cylinder offers, we recommend you become a member of the "GROW" solution which includes all 6 solutions

About Cylinder


From branding to segmentation, lead acquisition to conversion, Cylinder will provide you with all of the marketing tools to grow your business.

Cylinder will provide instructional videos on how to do marketing in every potential channel from PR to local listings, search engine optimization to content marketing, social media to influencer marketing. We will make your marketing so easy that you only need to invest 30 minutes to one hour per day improving your brand and online presence. You may even hire someone to follow our strategies and do the work for you.

We will provide you with the secret recipes to success. We will reveal strategies used by large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. We will even provide you with all the tools necessary to execute said strategies and achieve success.

In short, Cylinder will provide an all-in-one fully-integrated marketing platform with capabilities to launch powerful marketing campaigns through any marketing channel to acquire leads, convert them to customers and grow your real estate business, effectively!

How will Cylinder benefit real estate professionals?

It will grow your business and improve your life. This is how:
  1. BRAND: Cylinder will focus on branding YOU as the go-to real estate agent in your local area by automatically generating your branded print material, i.e. flyers, business cards, postcards, digital collateral i.e. email templates, email signatures and social media collateral i.e. social media covers, social media posts etc.
  2. DRIVE: Cylinder will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to improve your online presence, DRIVING VISITORS to your website through Organic Digital Channels i.e. Local Listings, SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Content, Referral Marketing and much more!
  3. CAPTURE: Cylinder will provide you with the necessary conversion tools such as Lead Magnets, Landing Pages, Forms and Widgets etc. that will help you CONVERT THOSE VISITORS into quality leads.
  4. NURTURE: Cylinder will automate most tasks to help build better relationships and move your leads further into the conversion funnel.
  5. CONVERT: Cylinder will integrate with external system CRMs/MAPs/Email Software, and also be used as a CRM if you choose to, to convert those leads into loyal customers.
  6. GROW: Cylinder will also help you grow your database and referral networks through influencers and customer advocacy. Growing your database, referral networks, online reputation and your community is crucial to consistently be growing your business. This is the ultimate goal of using Cylinder: NEVER STOP GROWING YOUR BUSINESS.

The Team

Meet the creators of Cylinder
James Tyler - Chief Executive Officer

James Tyler

Founder & CEO

Randa Wahid - Chief Design Officer

Randa Wahid


Kevin Hart Vice President

Kevin Hart



Jaskaran Singh


Akram From Development Team

Akram Chauhan



Michaela Borromeo

Content Writer


Peter Parker

Sales and Marketing


John Dizon

Sales and Marketing


Papia Mitra

Sales and Marketing


Roqaya Ashmawey

Creative Designer


Criselda Cac

Graphic Designer


John Adalid

UX/UI Designer

Big Thank You

James Tyler - Founder and CEO

I am very excited to share Cylinder and tons of useful info with the world. Many other real estate agents are super excited as well.

Thank you for being here and for being part of the Cylinder Venture!

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