Cylinder's Brand Solution

Brand is an intuitive graphic design platform that will help you build and share digital media content online.
Brand: Print

Print Collateral

Easy to use graphic design tool for non-designers and real estate professionals.

Quickly, easily and automatically generate print, digital and social media collateral without the need for fancy design software or freelancers.

Choose from the many professional templates, fully-customizable and pre-designed flyers, business cards, postcards, email signatures, email templates and social media covers, that can easily be personalized and generated into ready-for-print PDFs and images. Promote your brand by sharing your designs on the web and social media or for print marketing.

Sync with MLS

Automatically sync listings from MLS right into Cylinder.

Forget uploading house images, adding your email signature or entering your personal information every time you need to create a flyer. Now, you can just point and click to generate your Open House, For Sale, Just Listed flyers or postcards. Simply, just connect your broker/agent license to Cylinder and off you go. Cylinder will pull all data from MLS for you.

You can now generate flyers and postcards for your listings with only 3 clicks. Enjoy!

Brand: MLS Sync
Brand: Digital

Digital Collateral

Easily generate digital content

Improve your online presence by easily generating digital content without the need for fancy designers.

Choose from the many professional, fully-customizable and pre-designed templates. Whether you need email signature, an email template or a social media cover, they are all personalized with your personal information so you can just download or share as PDFs or images.

Social Sharing

Connect and share your digital media content to your social media channels.

Broaden your social media reach by sharing content right from Cylinder onto your social media channels. Not only Cylinder will help you generate beautifully pre-designed content, but will also allow you to schedule and share them online so you can get noticed, build followers, grow your network and ultimately land more listings.

Whether you need to share an open house flyer or schedule a simple social media post, Cylinder can handle that for you.

Brand: Social

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