Cylinder's Capture Solution

capture is video tutorials of the latest digital marketing strategies that will teach you how to get leads organically and without having to pay for them.
capture: Intelligent Intake Forms

Intelligent Intake Forms

Only real people will pass.

Sick and tired of fake leads? Cylinder's forms have highly intelligence mechanism to verify submitted information. Whether by location, email or phone number. We can tell from any value being entered into the form whether a visitor is serious about getting a hold of you or just testing things out.

To you, this means Cylinder will only show you quality leads entered through our Intelligent Intake Forms. You no longer have to waste time calling an invalid phone number or dealing with bounce-back due to an invalid email address.

From a simple email or phone number, often times Cylinder will be able to provide you with a lot more information about the lead than what was provided in the form.

Landing Pages

Fully optimized for conversions and high quality leads.

It takes more than a designer and a developer to make a landing page that works well for a real estate agent. Our landing pages are design around what buyer and sellers look for.

Whether you need a "Home Valuation Tool" or a full "IDX Solution", you'll find it here!

capture: SEO
capture: Social Media Marketing

Widgets and Lead Magnets

Entice buyers and seller to act.

Download a PDF, Get TXT Notificaiton, Chat or whatever communication method you and your prospects use, get recorded within Cylinder's CRM. This way not only you entice others to take action, but we will track everything for you so you can follow up later.

Use Cylinder's widgets to grab buyers and sellers attention, get them to provide their emails or mobile numbers in exchange for info. There are plenty of widgets to choose from. Try and see what works for you. They are all there to help you grow your network and database.

Intelligent Profile

We are brining your entire web, online and social media presence onto one AWESOME landing page.

Become a "CAPTURE" member and get access to Cylinder Intelligent Profile. This is your own personalized landing page that shows your entire real estate footprint, connecting all of your brand sources onto one centralized location. Showcase your blog articles, listings, social posts, reviews and more. Capture the right audience, connect directly with your potential candidates and sync all communications back to Cylinder's CRM.

  • My Info: Be transparent. Display your contact information to buyers and sellers so they are able to get a hold of you directly.
  • Company Info: Want to keep personal info private? Turn that off from Cylinder's back end portal and reveal only your company information so potential buyers and sellers can still get a hold of you.
  • My Brand: Broaden your reach, recognition and online farm. Share valuable information, document, infographics etc. with your community, buyer and sellers
  • My Blog: Drive more traffic and leads. Connect your WordPress website to Cylinder so you can show the latest blog articles with your followers and network.
  • Social Presence: Generate social buzz and gain more followers. Connect your social media platforms to Cylinder and show your latest posts.
  • My Listings: Showcase your past, current and upcoming listings, open houses and for sale properties on in one location.
  • My Reviews: Increase awareness, credibility and improve your reputation by requesting reviews and testimonials right from within Cylinder.

Bottomline: You can use Facebook to share updates, Zillow to get testimonials, Yelp to get reviews, your website to show your listings, your blog to show articles, dropbox to share your documents, so on and so forth.

The Problem: They all DO NOT integrate with your CRM, marketing software or database. Well, let's be honest, perhaps your CRM, marketing software and database probably aren't even connected. How do we expect to connect 10 other platforms all together?

The Solution: Cylinder. Simple!

Intelligent Profile
Intelligent Promotion

Intelligent Promotion

Think of this like your Yelp account merged with Zillow's Premier Agent Program

Cylinder will promote real estate individuals and brokers in their local areas where potential buyers and sellers can contact them directly.

Leads received by real estate agents or a brokers due to our intelligent promotion are owned by YOU. We do not sell those leads neither do we charge commission based on closed transactions.

Kickstarter Special

Support us now and receive 50% off Future Membership for 6 months, in addition to the 6 months free you receive with your Kickstarter Reward!
Kickstarter Special Includes:
  • 6 months free access to the Brand Solution
  • 6 months free access to the Drive Solution
  • 6 months free access to the Capture Solution
  • 50% off Future Membership for 6 months
  • Access to Intelligent Promotion
  • Access to Intelligent Profile