Cylinder's Convert Solution

Cylinder will help you convert your leads into a loyal customers.

View, analyze and gain insight about each web visitor. Watch recorded web sessions; listen to recorded phone calls from potential buyers and sellers so you can better understand their needs. Cylinder will log and record every visitor to your website or landing page. It will analyze user behaviors and predict each lead’s qualification score so you can focus on quality leads that are likely to convert into loyal customers.

Cylinder's dynamic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that will help you better understand your online visitors, gain valuable insight about leads, opportunities and customers.

Cylinder's CRM is powered with artificial intelligence technology that will provide you with up-to-update information about your leads and contacts.

Watch recorded web sessions, listen to recorded phone calls and track online behaviors to make better and informative decisions when helping potential prospects.

Convert: Leads


Better understand your audience and what makes them loyal customers.

Let's help you track every visitor that comes to your website. Log there information, where they came from and what they are doing on your website.

We will record phone calls and web sessions (videos of what people do on your website).

Access to such information will give you a great insight to what works and what others are looking for. This way you can focus your sales and marketing towards what matters



Turn cold leads into warm relationships.

Strenghten your relationships with cold online visitors by nurturing them through online, web and social media efforts. See your leads' score rise to where they are ready to become customers.

Take advantage of our lead progressive profiling so you can gradually know more about your leads and their needs.

Convert: Opportunities
Convert: Clients


Move people from being opportunities to loyal customers.

The entire goal of any piece of software, phone call, email, txt or using Cylinder is to turn cold leads into meaningful relationships and loyal customers.

Manage your entire database and understand who is becoming a loyal customer, why and where people are dropping off. With time, you'll start to understand what your audience resonate with and what needs to be done to convert most of your contacts into loyal customers.

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