Cylinder's Grow Solution

Access to the entire Cylinder platform including artificial intelligence. Improve your online reputation through feedback, recommendations, reviews, targeted and personalized referral campaigns. Access Cylinder's Intelligent Map to get quality leads, grow your database and increase your revenue.

Intelligent Leads

We predict potential homebuyers and sellers for you. Just click and add them to Cylinder's CRM.

Get exclusive access to our beta Artificial Intelligence Map where Cylinder will try to predict potential buyers and sellers in your local area. Cylinder’s A.I will also predict radius coverage based on number of leads currently available in each area, surrounding areas, forecast algorithms, length of membership, available data and a number of other factors that will remain confidential.

Private and personal information of identified potential leads and properties will only be shared with real estate agents when a person officially opts-in and consents on provided Intelligent Profile. However, you can still connect with potential leads on social media and farm your network through social media platforms.

Intelligent Profile
capture: Intelligent Intake Forms

Online Reputation Management

Earn fans' trust and credibility by improving your online reputation.

Use Cylinder's Testimonials and Feedback forms to build your online reputation from your loyal customers.

Integrate advocacy into your existing brand experiences and track clients' engagements. Leverage our turnkey portal for advocates to share thier opinions, track their progress, view, manage and approve their testimonials and feedbacks.

Brand Monitoring

Monitor your brand name, your relevance and popularity.

Pay attention to what people say about you on the internet. Take control of your digital presence. Find opportunities where you can share you opinion and respond to client's.

capture: Intelligent Intake Forms
capture: Intelligent Intake Forms

Referrals Management

Leverage the power of Word-of-Mouth to build influencers, fans and more referrals.

Empower your loyal customers to share your real estate services with their peers/networks. Quickly generate more of your best customers from your local customers. Our turnkey referral platform will stregnthen your relationship with your biggest fans.

Whether your contacts are affiliats, partners, influencers or customers, tailor specific referral programs based on contact type. Deliver personalized messages, track and analyze every segment and all activities to measure the success of your referral campaigns.

Kickstarter Special

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Kickstarter Special Includes:
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