Cylinder's Nurture Solution

Cylinder will help you nurture your contacts and stengthen your relationships.

Increase engagements and build relationships with your potential customers by providing valuable and personalized information. Cylinder will have built-in intelligence and automation rules that will warm up your leads and strengthen your relationships with your buyers and/or sellers.

Cylinder's automated email and mobile marketing campaigns will warm up your cold leads and strengthen your relationships. These automated campaigns will also nurture your clients through every stage of the buying and/or selling process.

Increase engagement and consistently stay on the minds of your potential buyers and sellers while offline or online through personalized real estate content, automated campaigns and drip marketing programs.

Take advantage of automated nurturing to build relationships and convert leads into loyal customers.

Nurture: Content Library

Content Library

We can host your entire real estate contact library on Cylinder

You no longer need a shared drive, Google drive, Dropbox or any similar services. We solve the current problem of having your digital content in a separate places.

Allow or disallow access to certain documents or content. Share content right from Cylinder with prospects, current clients, on the web or social media.

You now have more flexiblity and better control over your content. Most importantly, they are all in one place!

Automated Rules

Cylinder automates anything that can be automated.

Holiday? Prospect's birthday? Anniversary? No problem! Set it, automate it, and forget it. Cylinder will do the dirty work for you!

Set up automation ruls for push notifications, text messages and/or email notification. Cylinder will give you the power to automated any event. This will help you nurture you database so you can focus on sales.

Nurture: Automated Rules
Nurture: Drip Programs

Drip Programs

Cylinder will handle your email marketing campaigns too.

Drip campaigns are great as they keep you top of mind. They also provide your contacts great values through emails.

Schedule an entire month or an entire year drip. Send different emails to different types of people. Customize your drip to what fits your business.

Kickstarter Special

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